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EP 35 Welcome To Season 3

Welcome to Season 3 of The All New Blendcredible Podcast! We talk all things Step, Bonus, Blended and Family! I cannot WAIT to meet you and share what we learn – together.

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EP 33 Destiny Walker Stops By To Talk About Her New Book ‘Blended Up’

Destiny’s story is so inspiring and is laced with a love you can feel while hearing her share her story. It’s all to common for Stepmoms to go ‘all in’ only to have circumstances out of their control dictate outcomes no one saw coming. In her book ‘Blended Up’ she finds a way to express […]

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PT5 Connecting With Your Stepchildren ‘Laugh With Them’

PT 5 of a 5 part Mini Series on ‘Connecting with your Stepchildren’ comes to an end. In this episode Tim talks about the importance of incorporating laughter into your Blended Family Home. He also shares some helpful ways to add joyful reminders along the way. Grab your headphones, pour your favorite drink, tap your […]

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Connecting With Your Stepchildren Pt 3 of 5

PT 3 of a 5 part mini series on Connecting With Your Stepchildren Tim deals with setting up safe zones for your Stepchildren to give you feedback on how your doing as a Step Parent. Not for the ego driven adult – that’s for sure! Tim Watson PT 3 of a 5 part mini series […]

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Connecting With Your Stepchildren PT 2

Acknowledging our lack of knowledge as Stepparents in our new home regarding specific situations and mindsets can save TONS of heartache and misunderstandings. In this episode I deal with how I approached sensitive topics in our home, join me in Episode 06 ‘Connecting with your Stepchildren’ PT 2 of a five part series on ‘Connecting […]

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EP20 Step-Parenting Adolescent Children Dr. Carl Pickhardt

There is no ‘one magic pill’ we as parents can take that will suddenly give us the secrets to all things adolescent. Today’s episode deals with several things most if not all Step-Parents struggle with in Blended Family Homes where Stepchildren are already in their teenage years. Well known author and Adolescent expert Dr. Carl […]

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The Good, Bad & The Ugly

Connecting With Your Stepchildren PT4 PT 4 of a 5 part mini series on Connecting With Your Stepchildren Tim reveals his number 1 tool for adolescent connection. Why it’s important to share ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ parts of our lives as Stepparents. PT 4 of a 5 part mini series on Connecting […]

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Connecting With Your Stepchildren

Connecting With Your Stepchildren Plays More of a Role In Overall Success Than You Might Think. In This Episode I’ll Share Some of My Failures and Talk About How I Recovered and How YOU Can Avoid These Same Mistakes.

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