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Podcast: Season 2

EP 34 Maarit From Blended Family Frappe Stops By To Talk About Her New Book ‘Blended is Badass’

Today my fellow Step-Parent in Power and founder of the online blog ‘Blended Family Frappe’ Maarit joins the Blendcredible podcast to talk about her work, vision, and new book ‘Blended Is Badass’ Great conversation every time we get together. So buckle up and grab your headphones and let’s go!

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EP 33 Destiny Walker Stops By To Talk About Her New Book ‘Blended Up’

Destiny’s story is so inspiring and is laced with a love you can feel while hearing her share her story. It’s all to common for Stepmoms to go ‘all in’ only to have circumstances out of their control dictate outcomes no one saw coming. In her book ‘Blended Up’ she finds a way to express […]

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EP 31 10 Reasons We Love Stepdads! BONUS Fathers Day Episode

To celebrate Fathers Day with you I thought it would be fun to create a list of 10 reasons we Love Stepdads! These are not in order and certainly not all inclusive. This Fathers Day I’d like to say to all my fellow Stepdads around the globe ‘Happy Fathers Day’!

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EP30 Love Me Share Me With Author Clarese Bradley

Anytime an author takes life opportunity to share a message of love and inclusion which is near to their heart, I’m all in! Especially when the topic is Step-parenting and Blended Family relationships. Clarese has written a beautiful story about hope, healing and family in her new book ‘Love Me Share Me’ and she’s here […]

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EP29 Meet The ‘Blended Bradleys’

Today Tim sits down with Dasha of the ‘Blended Bradleys’ to discuss Step-Parenting, overcoming extended family pitfalls and why she started her online blog.

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EP28 One on One With Tim Watson

Tim talks about ‘do-overs’ regrets and what to be mindful of as new Step-Parents.

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EP27 Author Charmaine Broome ‘My Dad Has a Girlfriend’

When you’ve been called to share your message with the world it often comes with a price and in the most peculiar ways. Charmaine Broome has taken this to a whole new level in the form of her brand new soft reality book ‘My Dad has a Girlfriend’ Volumer 1 On today’s episode Charmaine sits […]

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