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EP29 Meet The ‘Blended Bradleys’

Today Tim sits down with Dasha of the ‘Blended Bradleys’ to discuss Step-Parenting, overcoming extended family pitfalls and why she started her online blog.

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EP28 One on One With Tim Watson

Tim talks about ‘do-overs’ regrets and what to be mindful of as new Step-Parents.

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EP27 Author Charmaine Broome ‘My Dad Has a Girlfriend’

When you’ve been called to share your message with the world it often comes with a price and in the most peculiar ways. Charmaine Broome has taken this to a whole new level in the form of her brand new soft reality book ‘My Dad has a Girlfriend’ Volumer 1 On today’s episode Charmaine sits […]

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EP 26 The Power of Influence With Naja Hall

How does your presence in the home affect your Stepchildren? What should we look out for as Stepparents when it comes to influencing a child under our care who doesn’t belong to us biologically but is just as much a part of our lives than perhaps our own biological children (if you have them)? Today […]

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Ep 25 One on One With Tim

From Stepson to Stepdad (twice) between two Blended Families’ I’ve experienced quite a bit. I’ve also made quite a few mistakes along the way. Today’s episode is a one on one conversation regarding four key areas I think impacted me as a Stepson. I share these points as well as talk about how I implement […]

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EP 24 Talking to Melissa from ‘Blended Family Podcast’

Why am I doing this? Who’s listening anyway? Is this role even worth it? When you think about the work it takes to be a Step-Parent it can cause all sorts of anxiety and uncertainty. Today Tim speaks with fellow podcaster and host of the Blended Family Podcast ‘Melissa’. Together they’ll tackle some of these […]

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EP19 Unexpected Disruptions

What happens to a marriage, family, and home when an unexpected situation pushes the boundaries of a relationship? Tim talks about his recent disruption and how it challenged his relationship and caused some serious conversation to take place in his home. What happens to a marriage, family, and home when an unexpected situation pushes the […]

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PT5 Connecting With Your Stepchildren ‘Laugh With Them’

PT 5 of a 5 part Mini Series on ‘Connecting with your Stepchildren’ comes to an end. In this episode Tim talks about the importance of incorporating laughter into your Blended Family Home. He also shares some helpful ways to add joyful reminders along the way. Grab your headphones, pour your favorite drink, tap your […]

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