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Welcome to Creativity!

Okay statistics tell me I only have about 19 seconds before your attention span goes on to the next thing, so let's get to it!

1. I am an optimist at heart, I believe the world is full of good energy, and I work to be a conduit of that energy creatively.

2. I believe each of us has a level of creative energy that we limit to the boundaries of our own experiences, disappointments and fears. I intend to destroy those limitations in each life I touch.

3. I live so that what the Creator has entrusted to me I use to inspire many.

4. The Special Olympics, The Music Instrument Rental Program, and Independant Coaching Youth Programs are all causes I have both volunteered on and give to.

*Tim is a registered writer/publisher with ASCAP and is the founder of 9th Hour Music L.L.C., Creative Son Media L.L.C, and Blendcredible Tribe Publishing TM

In The Works

What's Up Next?
New Music Projects?

Creative Son Media Proudly Presents its newest addition ‘The Blendcredible YouTube Channel’!

“YES! I hear you and I get it, some of you prefer YouTube over audible Podcast so, the Blendcredible YouTube channel is in the works.”

Creative Son Media is proud to present from ‘Blendcredible Tribe Publishing’ ‘RISE OF THE NEW STEP-PARENT’ 

It’s not your typical ‘how to’ Step-Parenting book that’s for sure!

Man this book has been a challenging yet fun adventure and I CANNOT WAIT to share it with you! 

I hope to always have an answer to this question – because the day I stop creating will be the day I don’t have an answer. As you know by now my latest project ‘Pen 2 Paper Vol. 1’ just released and I am loving how it turned out!

PURE ENERGY which is my latest work is currently out with the lead radio Single ‘Life of the Party’ spinning around the globe.  

There are usually several ‘irons in the fire’ around here between other artist, specialty projects and indie films (one of my favorite sectors),

I am originally from Chicago but have traveled all over the world and enjoyed many different cultures. I have the USMC to thank for that, Semper Fi Marines! I currently live in North Carolina with my ‘Ace Riding Partna’ & wife, Marie along with our 4 children.

If you do, cool! Email it to me and If it’s something you don’t mind me posting I’ll answer it right here. You never know who else has the same question and by asking it you’ve just become the answer they needed! Submit your question here and I’ll be glad to answer it for you.

Television & Radio


“Tim exemplifies an unbridled passion for writing and composing that’s conveyed in each song he pens”.
– Indie Artist Magazine
Tim’s credit as a writer supersedes commercial radio. You’ve more than likely enjoyed Tim’s work on the Weather Channel ©, commercials for the Hilton Corporation ©, and a host of other corporate backdrops including Kellogg’s © respectfully.